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North London Yoga Studio

Hot Yoga

Please note that ALL clients can buy 10 Hot Yoga sessions for £80 or 5 Hot Yoga sessions for £45 at any time during the year.

These sessions must be used within 10 weeks. To purchase CLICK HERE.

Please note that all Hot Yoga classes need to be booked in advance, to do so click here

At North London Yoga Studio we have taken great pains to create the most pleasant environment possible for practising Hot Yoga. We have installed state of the art InfraStrip heaters and are among the first in the UK to use them. These infrared heaters work by heating up surfaces rather than the air to keep humidity down and create a dry heat.

Infrared heat works in much the same ways as the sun’s rays, heating up the body and warming up the muscles, allowing you to stretch deeper. This kind of heat is particularly beneficial for those who are stiff or have old injuries that might prevent them from getting into certain poses.

We heat the room to a comfortable 32-35 degrees centigrade (Bikram studios heat up to 45 degrees) and also have air conditioning to cool things down when there is a busy class. The drop in classes are taught by Indira, a Camyoga qualified Hot Yoga teacher and the Beginners Course is taught by Christina, who is a certified Bikram teacher.

The classes are suitable for all levels and you will be required to fill in a health questionnaire. Please note that you are required to either bring your own mat or a towel which you can place over one of the studio’s mats for hygiene purposes. If you forget to bring either you can hire a towel for 50p. We sell both mats and hot yoga towels if you wish to purchase one.

Benefits of Hot Yoga:

  • Aids weight loss
  • It helps to detoxify and cleanse the body
  • Builds strength and flexibility
  • The heat means that if you have injuries or are very stiff you can stretch without experiencing pain
  • You can get deeper into postures
  • If practised regularly it can boost energy levels.

Please email Indira on if you require any further information.