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All too often in our modern day culture we focus on what we look like rather than how we feel on the inside. There are so many pressures on our time these days that it is little wonder that so many of us feel stressed out and exhausted. Meditation will give you the tools to learn how to relax and not get bogged down by things. Medical studies show that not only do we feel happier when we meditate regularly but it can also bring about long lasting health benefits such as reducing joint pain, lowering blood pressure, increasing energy and reducing stress.

Our teacher Cristiana has practiced Meditation for more than 15 years. She started Meditation as an alternative method to deepen her knowledge about herself and life in general. Her classes offer a simple and contemporary approach to Meditation, while teaching techniques that suit complete beginners and more advanced practitioners’ needs. They are creative, philosophical and always open to a good laugh.

Cristiana is a qualified Meditation, Stress Management, Applied Philosophy & Eastern Psychology Teacher Training.

Her classes are usually divided into 3 parts: gentle Movement, Relaxation, and Meditation.

They will also include:

  • Various Breathing Techniques
  • Simple Pranayama Practice
  • A variety of Meditation Techniques, which people will able to practice at home
  • Guided Relaxation and Visualisation
  • Philosophical Talks at the end of each class

If you are interested, to book you can contact Cristiana on 07986 544085