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Meet Indira and Jackie, founders of North London Yoga Studio


Indira and Jackie opened the North London Yoga Studio in December 2013 because they wanted to make Yoga accessible and affordable to the local community. Their carefully thought out timetable aims to offer something for everyone, regardless of age, fitness level or background.


Indira Das-Gupta has been teaching Yoga for nearly 10 years and is qualified to teach Hot Yoga, ante natal Yoga and children’s Yoga.

She describes her style as “dynamic Hatha with a chilled vibe” and feels that Yoga has transformed her life infinitely for the better.

She is passionate about sharing its many benefits and invites all her students to “stretch, chill and let go” in each class and would like everyone to leave with a spring in their step.

Indira places a strong emphasis on alignment and gives precise, clear instructions, offering modifications to suit all abilities.

Believing that Yoga is all about balance, Indira likes to keep her classes varied, interchanging a dynamic, energetic practice with more chilled out pranayama based sessions – expect the unexpected!

She draws on a wide range of influences including Jozef Wiewel of Camyoga, Katy Appleton, Claire Missingham and Donna Farhi, all of whom she has practised with.

To read more about Indira and see details of all her classes, please see her website Yoga in Enfield with Indira

This is what her students say about her:

“Your classes this week have been exceptional, I feel you have placed real emphasis on the individual student to work within themselves to their own strengths.”

“I really admired your balanced and enthusiastic attitude yesterday (as always), I felt really proud to be there. The fact that you get so engrossed and involved is a real testament to you and yet another reason I enjoy your classes so much.”

“Indira is a fabulous instructor who really does care about each and every one of her students – no matter what their ability. Each class is different and you always learn something new.”

“Indira is a down-to-earth, patient and encouraging teacher offering challenging moves to suit all levels. I left feeling energised, lighter and with a clear mind after her workshop. It was perfect!”

Her best piece of Yoga advice, learned from Jozef Wiewel? When you practice, leave your ego at the door! It’s not about how far you can bend but about how you approach each pose and what you get out of it. Enjoy the journey!


Jackie Lee has a huge following locally and is renowned for her friendly, approachable manner and in-depth knowledge.

She has been teaching Yoga for 12 years and teaches Antenatal Yoga, Mother and Baby Yoga, Chair Yoga and Beginners Yoga.

To read more about Jackie and see details of all her classes please see her website Jackie’s Yoga North London